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[Misso Syn Collection] Misso 305
[ Category ] : Lace Front Wigs
$23.00(32.86 %)


  • Hair Texture: 100% Premium Fiber.( Heat resistant)
  • Hair Line: W shape ( see the  cap construction)
  • Parting : Lace 3” - 3.5" in the front and 1.5" - 2”on the side.
  • Lace Type: Swiss Lace
  • Lace Color: Transparent, Medium brown.
  • Cap Size: Medium.

  • [Misso Syn Collection] Misso 305
dea**** BRI****
11/8/2012 9:16:51 PM
  (Miss Syn Collection) Misso 305 Dee Brinson

This unit is beautiful!!!!! I ordered the #33HL27, and it is gorgeous! It is very natural and the color is wonderful. I am currently wearing my Misso 302, and I have been wearing it for a week. I am anxious to wea my Misso 305. I have been wearing full lace wigs for more than 4 years.Usually, I spend in excess of $250 to $300 for a wig. Never again! I am sold on the lace fronts from Miss Wigs that I will NEVER spend that kind of money again on a unit when I can spend less than $50 on a good quality synthetic lace front wig from Miss wigs. Additionally, I had to make sure that the wig was heat friendly as advertised, and it really is! I used my flat iron on low heat,andthe unit curls fine. Im going to try my hot rollers on a small section next time just to see how they work. I urge you to buy this wig. You will not regret it!!!!

  • [Misso Syn Collection] Misso 305
2/28/2013 10:14:28 PM

I got my lady yesterday and the shipping was very fast, I love it, love it, love it, the hair is sooooooooo soft and it lookslike my hair I steppedout of a salon any way you toss it stay the curl is the bomb can't say enough good things about this wig.

Thanks miss wigs

Hilda V. Joe, CA


  • [Misso Syn Collection] Misso 305
Ali**** Pay****
12/22/2012 12:13:45 PM
  First off, I am a huge fan of Ozone brand wigs. However, I checked out some reviews on YouTube for the Misso Synthetic Wig line and I decided to give it s try. OMG!!!!!! I am in love with this wig. The hair is so juicy in comparison to a similar wig in the Ozone line. It has a very natural feel and weight and the shine looks like you just stepped out of the beautician's chair. The curls are so bouncy; I cannot say enough good things about this wig. I agree with the review by Brinson, I will never spend that much on human hair when I can achieve a very similar look with this synthetic line. As for Ozone, Misso is my new favorite line!

  • [Misso Syn Collection] Misso 305
Nak**** Jo****
3/13/2013 9:39:24 PM
  I really do like this unit, but my wig sheds like crazy every time I brush her tons of hair comes out and she has a very plastic feel to her. She is beautiful to look at and I do love her I have worn her every day since I received her which was just last week, it moves very well like real hair and I get nothing but compliments when I wear her, but I am very concerned about the shedding and the plastic feel kinda bothers me. I own the miss j long wig and she feels like real hair very soft so maybe I just received a bad unit.

  • [Misso Syn Collection] Misso 305
Jay**** Wil****
6/2/2013 11:28:37 AM
  This is by far one of the most beautiful synthetic wigs I've ever purchsed :) The hairline looks so undetectable and I can't wait to wear this on my next date:) He and I both love Jessica Rabbit, so hopefully I can do her justice :)
Customer Image

  • [Misso Syn Collection] Misso 305
2/23/2013 11:16:33 AM

I have ordered this wig and have bought other human hair from miss wigs and have loved them, so I decided to look into and see if the syn line is just as good and I am hoping it is, I will let you know after I get it .


  • [Misso Syn Collection] Misso 305
Gia**** Hen****
7/9/2013 7:17:21 PM
  I give this wig 2 thumbs up!!!! it is long and after a good brush out it looked like human hair.
the parting is flawless and all I do is felxi rod it when I take it off at night.
It did shed but not bad just when I brush and it did tangle in the back but not bad at all.
All in all i give this wig a 9 out of 10 it is well worth the price and it was a great fit.
I will be buying this again!
Customer Image

  • [Misso Syn Collection] Misso 305
Ali**** Pay****
12/22/2012 4:19:09 PM
  Beautiful wig! The synthetic hair is luscious and looks and behaves like human hair. I have cut @ 3 or 4 inches off so the wig is much longer. Before I cut the wig it is probably 24 inches long.
Customer Image

  • [Misso Syn Collection] Misso 305
Lis**** Irv****
5/24/2012 10:52:53 AM
  I am soooo in love with this unit! I have never had a synthetic unit that felt and looked like my human units. I love the layers of bouncing curls. I really like the hairline also. It just needed a little tweaking to fit me.....and bam! I am rocking it!

  • [Misso Syn Collection] Misso 305
Mye**** Spi****
4/21/2013 2:58:37 PM
  Hi, just ordered this wig on 04/18 and with the Priority shipping options, I received this wig on 4/20..pretty quick!! :-) It doesn't seem very long from the picture due to it being curly, but once I straightened it, knowing I was going to give it a trim...the hair came down to my bellybutton!! No lie, it's veryyy long. I ended up cutting it to right around breast length. I ordered it in the 33HL27 color, which is darker in person than it appears in the picture..but I was counting on this and hoping it wouldn't be too light. Gorgeous color and length.

The hair itself is soft and not too shiny so it definitely looks and feels realistic. This is my first lace front, the hairline is a little 'square-ish' but I guess if you have experience with LF wigs you should be fine. Has a certain plastic smell, going to wash mine before wearing it so that should take care of it I hope. Overall, a wonderful wig, nice and full and easily straightened or curled, very happy with my purchase! :-)

  • [Misso Syn Collection] Misso 305
Aut**** Bog****
11/22/2012 8:02:07 AM
  Omg! This wig is BAD, and I mean that in a good way! The curls are gorgeous. The picture does not do the wig justice, and the cap construction in one of the best I've on a syn lace wig. I have found my new go to wig, and it looks better than my remy lace wigs. In regards to synthetic lace fronts, I'm retiring my others. I will only order from this brand from now on.

  • [Misso Syn Collection] Misso 305
ste**** gre****
2/28/2013 1:49:46 PM
  I love this wig, its really pretty! I had to cut a few inches and I made the roots darker by using mascara but the color is just gorgeous and love the parting space and natural hairline :)
Customer Image


- DO NOT Cut the lace.

- DO NOT Rip or tear the Lace.
- DO NOT Put any kind of Chemicals on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Wear the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Put Glue or Tape on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Put Products on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Wash or Condition the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Dye the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Perm or Put Relaxer on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Style or Cut the Hair of the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Destroy or Lose any of the Original Packaging.

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