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[Pazazz] Syn Lace Front PL-Maxy
[ Category ] : Lace Front Wigs
$24.00(34.29 %)

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Type: Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wig

Comb Location: Side & Back

Adjustable Strap: Yes

-Larger Lace Patch: Ear to Ear Coverage

-Stays In Place During Windy Moments

-Perfect For Thin Edger Hair

-Most Natural Hair Line, Just Like Your Own

-Great Ventilation & Comfortable Wear

Care Instruction

1. Gently detangle hair by running fingers through

2. Using mild shampoo, wash hair in cold water

3. Do not rub or pull the lace area. Gently pat to let dirt out

4. Rinse thoroughly. Do not brush hair while it is wet

5. Pat with dry towel for lace patch area, do not squeeze

6. Let air dry

Use Instruction

If you use tape: Must use "remove solution" to remove tape from your skin & from the wig.
Be extremely cautious not to pull hair when removing the tape from lace area.

-If you used glue: Must use "remove solution" to remove all the glue residue before shampooing.

-If you used without tape or glue:

Put wig on, adjusting the lace forehead line to align with your own hairline.

Let the lace out and cut off the extra lace patch.

Secure the comb at the nape area first, and adjust the fitting to your head shape.

Hold the top by gently pressing in, and start securing the combs on the sides.

Make final style touch to create more natural look


- DO NOT Cut the lace.

- DO NOT Rip or tear the Lace.
- DO NOT Put any kind of Chemicals on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Wear the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Put Glue or Tape on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Put Products on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Wash or Condition the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Dye the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Perm or Put Relaxer on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Style or Cut the Hair of the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Destroy or Lose any of the Original Packaging.

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