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Welcome to MissWigs.com membership and rewards program where our customers are treated with VIP status. MissWigs.com is rolling out the Red Carpet for YOU! A Celebrity lifestyle with reward opportunities is at your fingertips. Three membership programs are available for our VIPs. You can become a Silver Member, Gold Member, or Diamond Member. Once membership is acquired, discounts will apply immediately! Review more details below and choose the best option for you. Upgrades to membership can be made at any time. Exclusive rewards are available to licensed Stylist. Please contact us at Misswigs@hotmail.com for more information to become a Diamond Member.
When you register, you will see member's discounted price( gold and diamond member only)
Q1. What is the membership program?
At MissWigs.com our mission is to provide premium good hair and products for our A-list clients around the world. The membership program is an extra feature for account members. The Silver, Gold, and Diamond memberships can achieved at your convenience. Upgrades can be made at any time!
Q2. What is the reward program?
Our reward program is an added benefit to the affordable cost for any products the MissWigs.com provide. We give back 3% reward to our silver members on every purchase. When a purchase is made a 3% reward is given for your next purchase. The minimum reward money that can be applied to your next purchase must be $10 or 1000 point. 100 points equal $1
Q3. After member status is achieved, how soon can I reap the benefits?
VIP status is applied immediately! When you register, you will see member's discounted price(gold and diamond member) and $2 credit instantly(silver member). You can start shopping and saving now!
Q4. How do I use my 3% cash back reward?
After membership status has been reached place an order. From this initial purchase, a 3% reward is given back on this order to be applied towards your next purchase. The 3% reward can be used on purchases $100 or more.
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